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The Joy of Decorating

They joy of decorating is in my blood. As a small child I decided I was going to be a window dresser, re-creating the captivating magic of London's Christmas displays.


My career started window dressing for the House of Fraser then offered a job as the assistant display manager at Sandersons Fabric and Wallpapers, now the famous Sandersons hotel.

My next career move was into large corporate events for clients such as Gardiner & Theobald, Time Warner Bros and Jigsaw Clothing.

After having my children I went back to college to study Interior Design and the History of Art.

When I arrived in Spain I was the Head of Interior Design at a large company based here in Marbella until 2006, whilst having my third daughter, Reviva Weddings was also born.

My heart has been telling me to turn a full circle and return to blogging. I can't wait to share my joy of styling, creating tablescapes, gorgeous spaces and plenty of inspirations.

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