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  • Laura Charles

A Nigerian Wedding in Antequera, Spain Part 2

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

I do many mixed race cultural weddings and adore learning about the traditions and elements modern couples bring to their own celebrations. This wedding was no exception and we had many giggles when planning and some of the traditions were explained to me.

Guests flew into Malaga, Spain, from all over the world including destinations such as Washington, Nigeria and the UK. Wedding 'base camp' was the Parador hotel and the Convento de Magdalena in Antequera.

The Convento de Magdalena dates back to the 16th century. It was abandoned in the mid 19th century but in 2009 underwent a careful restoration and is now the only 5 star hotel in Antequera owned by the Antequera Golf Group. It is a beautiful building with 21 bedrooms and its own chapel. It is a wonderful venue to host a wedding or celebration.


This 4 day event started with a Welcome drinks reception at the Antequera Parador hotel. Guests mingled on a lovely warm Mediterranean evening at the end of June, sharing Spanish tapas canapes and drinks.


Day Two was the Nigerian ceremony at the Convento de Magdalena. I don't think I have ever seen so much fun at a wedding and I have been doing them a long time!

I was intrigued by the Geles, these are a traditional Nigerian head wrap which were worn by most of the wedding party and there was a lot of organising to make sure the Gele expert would get everyone done in time for the ceremony.

The ceremony was utterly brilliant, so much joy, laughter, traditions, the amazing outfits, accessories and the dancing, all beautifully orchestrated and conducted by Miss Lola, I think from Birmingham, UK.

I had to wrap lots of empty boxes ready for the gift table in the colours of the wedding, so I used the blues, a deeper shade of red and gold and blue ribbons which worked well with the overall colour scheme. I saved every Amazon delivery box for months!

I learnt about Nigerian food and the expression 'chops' which is small portions of food and apparently there is a Nigerian chilli sauce called Ata Din Din.

The Nigerian celebrations continued well into the night! The next day was a rehearsal dinner booked at the Golf Hotel, Antequera for just family and close friends.

After a wedding rehearsal at the chapel, everyone enjoyed a pre-selected set menu and rested to be prepared for the actual wedding day.


The wedding day started with the hair and make up preparations. Suppliers had set up the dance floor and lighting the day before but the winds came in the night, so we had to quickly get this sorted out as the dance floor was all over the place! My thanks to the staff at the Convento for leaping into action and sorting this out.

Everyone was buzzing and excited for the day, the florists arrived, the furniture had been delivered and it was set up time. Getting ready preparations were well underway.

A beautiful ceremony was conducted in the Convento de Magdalena's chapel by a family member, this was followed by a cocktail reception on the terrace serenaded by Laura Sanchez with a violin and cello.

Guests were then invited to the main courtyard at the front of the Convento de Magdalena for a wedding reception dinner and dancing. The dinner was set under a sea of fairy lights and a dance floor in the middle ready for guests to party with EJ Eventos.

The gorgeous florals were designed by Anais Floristeria and the wedding cake was from Marta at Pinopostres. Catering was provided by the brilliant chefs at Convento de Magdalena.

A gorgeous 4 day wedding extravaganza we thoroughly enjoyed and sincerely hope many memories were made.

This wedding has recently been featured on Magnolia Rouge and you can read more here.

I would like to thank all the suppliers involved.


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