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  • Laura Charles

Glassware for Celebrations

Updated: Apr 16

You will probably hear me refer a lot to my daughters. The youngest one is now at a Hospitality school in the centre of Marbella. It has been fascinating seeing what she is learning and just one of her subjects is all the different types of glassware and what they are used for.

They are learning all the different glassware for events, from the 'copa de jerez' to the more unusual cocktail glasses. The famous coffee glass we have here in Spain, I am not sure if anywhere else do coffees in a glass but they are the best and during the pandemic this strangely enough was the one thing I missed, a decent Spanish coffee.

I am also a huge fan of coloured glasses, they remind me of jewels and have some hidden in my house, I live with a very clumsy person and anything precious to me has to be hidden in cupboards sadly.

One of my favourites I have had for years is a box of mini coloured brandy style glasses I picked up from a car boot sale about 30 years ago!


If you are planning your wedding but not sure what glassware you will need here is a general guideline.

Most weddings will have four glasses, a water glass, this can be substituted for a coloured glass if you wish to bring some element of colour to your tables.

Then you will have a white wine glass and a red wine glass, the red wine goblets are larger than the white wine glass.

Finally you will have a champagne glass ready for sharing the fizz at speeches.


Zara home has always been one of my favourites places to shop, both for my home and our weddings.

Here are my favourites for the festive season.

Anything with stars or slightly celestial ticks my boxes, this tumbler would be perfect for a water glass. I also love any jewel coloured glass, the round aesthetics of this red glass is pleasing. Obviously feeling festive the alpine snowy tree glass is one of my favourites. This year I have seen a swing towards not just the Nutcracker theme again but also of a snowy Narnia.

Shop Zara Home

Another company I love is Oliver Bonas, whilst they sadly don't ship to Spain anymore, thanks Brexit, it is a website I personally use to send gifts to my family in the UK.

This morning I was looking at their website and fell in love with these glasses, also spotted a few potential Christmas pressies!

The gold tumblers would be perfect for Whiskey drinkers, aka son in law. In love with the orange and lemon glass jug having ordered lemon beaded napkin rings earlier this summer I can't wait to host a summer gathering with all the citrus feels. My favourite are the Art Deco style cocktail glasses, imagine having the perfect margarita in one of these.


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