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  • Laura Charles

Let’s take a look at the Bow Trend for 2024

Updated: Jan 24

In the world of design, there's a trend making waves and it is bows. This trend started in 2023 and we will see a lot more gorgeous bows weaving their way into the hearts of fashion enthusiasts and décor aficionados.

Once confined to gift wrapping and children's accessories, bows are now stealing the spotlight as chic embellishments for candles, glassware, tables, and even high fashion.

Pinterest predicts have cited the bow trend as one of the top searches so far for 2024.

Image from Nancy Deol.

Bows for Table Designs & Decoration

Imagine your living space transformed into a haven of sophistication with the simple addition of bows.

Candles adorned with velvet or silk bows bring an air of elegance and fun to any table, creating an ambiance that's both romantic, fun and modern.

As table accents, bows effortlessly elevate the dining experience, turning a meal into a celebration.

We love the simplicity a bow can bring and adore this table from Madeleines Place on Instagram.

Unless you were hiding under a rock, or like me felled with this flu, this Christmas we have seen beautiful tables styled with glasses and candlesticks donned with bows, a touch of whimsical fun that adds another depth into the table designs.

If you want to bring some extra style to your tables this year, the simple bow is a cost effective decor idea, whether for a spring or summer table or for your wedding.

We love a velvet bow table name and this beautiful design is created by the Embroidered Napkin company.

Bow-Chic Fashion

Fashionistas around the globe are embracing the bow trend with open arms.

Runways are ablaze with models flaunting bow-tied accents on clothing, from dresses to blouses.

Designers are playing with proportions, experimenting with oversized bows that make a bold statement. The versatility of bows allows them to seamlessly transition from casual wear to evening attire, proving that this trend knows no boundaries.

Dresses with oversized bows feature on Lara Belle bridal dress page so go and take a look at some of her gorgeous designs.

Tablescapes Transformed

When it comes to event planning, bows are stealing the show. From weddings to intimate gatherings, tables are transformed into works of art with carefully placed bows.

Mix and match sizes, textures, and colors to create a visually stunning tablescape that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Bows on napkin rings, chair backs (not the old chiffon style!) and centerpieces bring a touch of charm that transcends the ordinary.

We love this bow candlestick from Love Ally.

DIY Bow Magic

Embrace your inner creative spirit by incorporating bows into your DIY projects. As well as jazzing up plain taper candles with a splash of color try them on a simple glass to create a stylish drinkware masterpiece with a well-placed bow.

Perfect for a bridal shower, found on Pinterest but no credit.

If you are looking for low cost inspiration to jazz up your celebrations this year you will absolutely nail it with the bow trend!

An obvious warning, do not let the candles burn down to the bows. Use purely for decoration and take the bows off when lit or keep the bows at a lower level on the candlesticks.


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