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  • Laura Charles

Reviva Weddings has Moved!

Updated: May 5

16 years ago Reviva Weddings was created as a blog to share my joy and inspirations of all things to do with entertaining, home styling and celebrations. With a background of interior design and working as a stylist my blog was my journal, a space I could document not only my work, but other fabulous creatives.

I delighted in finding the most stunning curated weddings and parties. My heart leapt when I came across a beautifully styled table or party setting and shared their content. I absolutely loved my blog, it even snowed at Christmas on it!

Reviva Weddings is a journey I have absolutely embraced and continue to. Nothing has been more pleasurable and satisfying than meeting many wonderful people, knowing I shared such special occasions with them.

Many previous clients remain in contact with me, I have observed them as they became parents, grandparents, moved around the world, still smiling, still celebrating.


It all started with a dream, a blog and having my 3rd daughter in 2006. I created a 'static' website and started to network with local venues and businesses, there weren't many then which is hard to believe.

By the end of 2007 I was being contacted, asked to do styled shoots for venues and decorate their clients weddings, resulting in receiving gorgeous professional images of my own work. I didn't look back.

I was featured on all the amazing blogs I had been avidly digesting for years. I became one of those featured wedding stylists.

By 2016 my old static website had had its day, responsive websites arrived. I hired a fab website designer to create me a new website hosted on Wordpress.

We worked together to create my new website, migrated my beloved blog to this new platform and whilst I loved it I found the tech of writing a blog post was completely overwhelming. I was in a sea of plug ins, lost my enthusiasm and struggled to even change an image on it. It didn't even snow at Christmas or have my fairy wand cursor anymore! Gutted.

As years went by I became too busy to bother with it anymore. It became more and more broken as I had no idea how to update plug ins, add plug ins, upgrade to new platforms, etc.

Whilst I know Wordpress is the Rolls Royce of websites and blogs, it became a journey that filled me with dread. Writing no longer became a joy, it became a challenge for me.

Whether you drive a Rolls Royce or a Mini the journey is the same, so I decided recently to go back to doing what I loved, blogging. This time on a far easier platform I know exactly how to navigate.


My vision is this will be much more interactive and informative, give you plenty of inspirations and tools for your next dinner party, celebration or wedding.

As we head out of the pandemic with changed mindsets I wish to help more people celebrate at home, at their wedding, party, celebration without the pressure.

My vision is of a celebration and lifestyle blog and of course weddings, as we love them!

There will be downloadables, printables, advice, tips and tricks on anything to do with weddings, styling your party and recipes.

I plan to do interviews with other business owners, sharing behind the scenes and my knowledge of the events, wedding and styling industry I have worked in for over 30 years. It is time now to have some fun.

So here I am! I hope you enjoy this new space I have set up. It will be full of inspirations and tips for your wedding, home, event or next dinner party.

Laura x


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