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  • Laura Charles

The Bougainvillea & Citrus Bliss Wedding Stationery Collection

Dreaming of a Mediterranean wedding?

Picture-perfect blue skies, vibrant pink bougainvillea, and the refreshing scent of lemons, the Mediterranean offers an idyllic setting for your special day.

Say goodbye to bland wedding themes, as colour takes centre stage in modern wedding designs.

Influenced by the vibrant aesthetics of renowned designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi, iconic beach clubs are being transformed into lively spectacles of colour.

Interiors are breaking free from convention, embracing bold hues, intricate patterns, and diverse textures to craft extraordinary spaces.

The Bougainvillea & Citrus Bliss Collection is a stationery collection designed by Laura that captures the essence of the Mediterranean with its vibrant colours and citrus inspired designs.

This collection promises to infuse any event with brightness, joy, and a touch of Mediterranean magic. Say "I do" to a celebration that bursts with energy and personality.

The Bougainvillea and Citrus Bliss Wedding Stationery Collection

Spanish Bouganvillea Wedding Stationery

The collection includes

A Save the Date, excite your guests with a bold and bright insight into what to expect from your wedding.

Wedding Invitation, building up the Mediterranean vibes and building more excitement for your guests.

Both the above are Size 5” x 7” which fits into a standard A7 envelope, the same size as a greeting card. We love these envelopes found on Amazon.

Bougainvillea Welcome Sign and Table Stationery

Knowing exactly what wedding stationery you need on the day can be a little overwhelming.

The Bougainvillea and Citrus Bliss Collection includes everything you will need on the day.

Welcome your guests to your wedding with this stunning Mediterranean pink and lemons Welcome sign. Measuring 80 x 60cm it is the perfect size to display on an easel.

The large table seating plan is the same size but portrait or you have the choice of the A5 table seating cards which can be displayed on a board, hung from trees or displayed in frames.

Get creative here and consider a displayed area adorned with hot pink Bougainvillea and lemons to create an eye catching display.

Wedding tip, grouping objects and using props has far more impact than dotting things around randomly!

For the tables there is a table number, you can edit this to a table name, menus and a folded placecard.

All perfect accessories for making sure your tables sing and are perfectly styled to accompany your flowers and decor.

Finally a thank you card for your guests, 15 x 10.5 cm that will fit a C6 envelope. This could also be edited as an insert for welcome bags, personalized messages, etc.

Once purchased you will receive the Bougainvillea and Citrus Collection PDF which includes links to Canva templates ready for you to edit and personalize.

You can print them at home, send them to a local printer or use the Canva print service. If you aren’t sure how to transport larger signs abroad ask for recommendations for a local printer.

The larger signs are usually printed on a 5mm PDF board. We dont recommend having them printed as posters as this makes it far more complicated having to find something to mount them into and wrestling with double sided tape isn’t ideal!

If you get stuck or just wish us to edit them for you get in touch, we would be delighted to help!


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