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  • Laura Charles

The Post Party Flat Lay Wedding Trend for 2024

OMG we love a new wedding trend so sharing this with you in the hope it may inspire you to do something a little different for your wedding photos!

What is a Wedding Flatlay?!

If you are new to wedding world, hello! You maybe asking what even is a flatlay? Good question!

A flatlay is a carefully curated selection of details from your wedding day laid out so the photographer can take photos.

It can be many things, shoes, jewellery, perfumes, wedding stationery, all the little details you wish to remember about your day.

Here is an example of a wedding flatlay taken at one of our gorgeous weddings in the Convento de Magdalena in Antequera by Hana Gonzalez.

If you haven’t put any thought into your wedding flatlay photos now is the time to add this to you wedding list of things to do! (As if you don’t have enough to do already!) You will thank me later!

All wedding photographers are creatives and love to capture as much as possible about your day so have a chat with them if you are planning to incorporate some flatlay details. They will need to plan their day and build this into their timeline.

Some photographers will bring accessories or may ask you to order a few extra flowers from your wedding florist.

Now it gets better!

The Wedding Party Flatlays trending for 2024!

What a riot this is and such fun to do.

I saw this yesterday on Instagram and just have to share this with you! A reel created by Lily Cox Photography, go on over and check out her reel on her Instagram page!

The cakes feature heavily of course but love the addition of the wedding rings, strewn cans, discarded sunglasses and just a beautifully curated wedding mess!

So often at weddings this is what the tables can actually look like as guests abandon them to hit the dance floor with their wedding moves!

Thinking about this trend and what is always left on the tables are pretty clutch bags, bow ties, wedding menus, placecards, glasses, phones, cakes, drinks and always jackets and shoes!

Something fun and I know already many photographers are dying to do this so just one thing to add to your wedding list!

It would be brilliant to send out as a thank you card after your wedding too!

If you are planning your wedding in Spain get in touch, there are many ways we can help you from full or part planning or even to have a wedding expert for an hour on Zoom to pick our brains!

Thank you to Lily Cox for sharing such a fun idea! I have contacted her to see if she will share photos so if she agrees I will update this blog post, in the meantime all credits go to her.


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