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  • Laura Charles

All you need to know about getting married in Spain


Finally I have created the perfect ebook for anyone who wishes or is considering a destination wedding in Spain💃🏻

I have listened to your questions, taken notes and in this ebook I explain how everything works here in Spain from managing the summer heat to can you get legally married here.

I am also acutely aware many couples want to be involved with their wedding planning but struggle with certain aspects and this book will shed plenty of insights and tips into planning your destination wedding in Spain.

Planning a Destination Wedding in Spain ebook

In this comprehensive guide to 'getting married in Spain' I throw the ‘fairy lights ’ onto what you need to consider from venue searching to your wedding timings (Spanish style!)

After 16 years planning and styling weddings here in Spain I have gathered all my knowledge to help you from budgeting to prioritising what is important and what can be booked further down your planning timeline.

Want to unlock the secrets to crafting the perfect Spanish wedding experience, my ebook is a treasure trove of insights for couples dreaming of a romantic destination wedding in Spain.

Stop the Spanish Wedding Planning Stress

Worried about overspending or doing things wrong?

Let’s stop the overwhelm and stress and arm yourself with all the knowledge you need to have a happy wedding planning experience.

Explore chapters dedicated to choosing the ideal venue, navigating legalities, and practical tips derived from years of experience, ensuring a seamless planning process for your dream Spanish wedding.

Furthermore it is free!

All you have to do is visit the link below to grab your copy 🤩 Happy wedding planning!

P.S If you would love a chat with me book a free 15 minute call with me here.

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