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  • Laura Charles

Celebrating 30 years in business with Pedro Navarro, Floral Designer in Spain

What does wedding world get up to here in Spain once wedding season is over?

We celebrate our achievements, we look back over our years in business and we get together.

Working during wedding season is full on and we have the obligatory wave at each other and rather sweaty distance cheek kisses which is a bit of a joke here but come the winter months when weddings subside we party!

Time to Celebrate Wedding World in Marbella

This autumn, Pedro Navarro's 30th anniversary of being in business was extraordinary as around 200 professionals from wedding world gathered at Anantara Marbella (previously known as Villa Padierna) to celebrate with Pedro.

I recall many years ago when I first met Pedro he was based near Almería, correct me if wrong, and wanted to break into the Marbella scene.

We arranged a styled shoot with Joseba Sandoval as the photographer, me planning it all and Pedro rocked up with an amazing lorry load of flowers.

I do remember the venue fell through and I secured a beautiful residence the morning of the shoot, no stress! and organised all the extras such as the cake, cheese tower and Mar, Joseba's wife who is also a fabulous stylist worked her magic too.

I was astounded by Pedro's extraordinary talent as he whipped into action creating some of the most fabulous floral displays and bouquets I had ever seen.

A man on a floral mission and of course it paid off big time as Pedro has since been creating and designing so many extraordinary floral, magical spaces here since with his focus on Anantara Marbella but also many other luxury wedding venues across Spain.

To witness Pedro's achievement is nothing short of incredible but do understand the level of investment and trusting his judgement he has undertaken to be able to celebrate his achievements with wedding world this autumn.

It was an honour to celebrate his 30th anniversary in business and Pedro I wish you many more years of success as you have worked tirelessly to achieve it and I am delighted to have been just a small part of it.


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