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  • Laura Charles

The Difference between a Florist and a Wedding Stylist

In this blog post we will take a look at the difference between florists and wedding stylists.

What does a wedding florist do?

Florists are simply flower artists creating beautiful designs with petals, leaves, and stems as their medium.

Their deep understanding of flowers allows them to create arrangements that evoke specific emotions and enhance the overall ambiance.

From classic, elegant bouquets to gorgeous wildflower displays, florists skillfully blend different varieties to capture the essence of the couple's style.

Their expertise is understanding the seasonality of blooms, ensuring that your chosen flowers are not only aesthetically pleasing but also readily available for the wedding date and will survive the environment they will be used in.

Beyond bouquets, florists adorn ceremony and reception spaces with floral installations, arches, and aisle decor.

Their attention to detail and precision in floral placement adds a touch of natural beauty to your wedding.

There is a lot of preparation beforehand and their primary focus on the day is creating extraordinary, memorable flowers.

Do not expect your florist to be putting out your table numbers, signs and placecards unless you have clearly booked their styling service as well if they offer it, many don't.

What do Wedding Stylists do?

Wedding stylists take a holistic approach to design, orchestrating a visual symphony that extends far beyond flowers.

They consider the entire environment, incorporating linens, lighting, furniture, and even stationery into your wedding design. Some florists will also have other items to hire if they are larger event designers but the average florist won't and you need to use a specialist hire company.

The stylists expertise lies in transforming spaces into immersive experiences that resonate with the couple's personality and vision.

In the case of a commercial stylist again they will prepare everything for a seamless photo shoot.

A wedding stylist's role involves conceptualizing and curating a cohesive design language.

They work with textures, colors, and themes to create a captivating ambience that unfolds throughout the event.

This includes decisions on furniture styles, table settings, and even the layout of the venue, all aimed at elevating the overall aesthetic experience.

A stylist will also have a team to set out all your table stationery and other decor such as favors, ribbons and different prop areas too.

The Collaboration between florists and stylists

The collaboration between florists and wedding stylists is a relationship bound by creativity and working to the same vision.

Florists provide the natural beauty that serves as a focal point, while wedding stylists weave it seamlessly into the broader design narrative.

For instance, a florist might suggest blooms that complement the chosen color scheme, while a wedding stylist ensures that these flowers harmonize with the overall decor theme.

Clear communication between these professionals is paramount. Regular consultations, mood boards, and collaborative planning sessions help align the floral vision with the broader event design concept.

This synergy ensures that every element, from the smallest boutonniere to the grandest centerpiece, contributes to the unified aesthetic story of the wedding day.

A wedding stylist isn't bound by flowers so if you are working to a budget the stylist will come up with creative ways to decorate your wedding.

Ultimately, the decision to prioritize a florist or a wedding stylist—or both—depends on your vision for the big day.

If you're passionate about specific flowers or have a profound connection to the natural world, investing in a skilled florist could be your top priority.

On the other hand, if you dream of a comprehensive design that encompasses various elements, bringing a wedding stylist on board becomes essential.

Is my Wedding Planner not the Stylist?

If your wedding decor is of utmost importance to you then it is always worth checking your wedding planner offers a styling service.

Many don't, they aren't creative or have design backgrounds but love an excel sheet and will have your wedding planned to perfection.

Other planners thrive on creating wedding designs as part of your wedding planning experience but may charge extra for this service as it involves a lot more work and time invested in your wedding.

They will also require a team with them on the day to ensure every detail is overseen and completed.

Never rock up with a whole host of things to hand over to your wedding planner without prior warning, trust me I had this once at the very beginning of my career and even with my army of team members the extra work was never completed as we hadn't factored it in beforehand.

If you want 1000 surprise butterflies pinned around your venue or 200 pashminas draped on the back of each lady's chair tell them beforehand!

I hope this blog post helps you to understand the different roles the creatives in the wedding industry and have a clearer guide as to what to expect and ask when hiring vendors for your celebration.

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