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What Spanish Flowers can I use for my Wedding?

Updated: Apr 5

The Mediterranean is full of brightly coloured flowers and when it comes to planning your wedding in Spain many couples want to use the Spanish flowers to bring the Mediterranean vibe into their wedding colour scheme.

Some couples also think it may save them money if they can use local flowers but here are some do's and don'ts when considering Spanish flowers for your wedding.

I will never forget reading about a wedding years ago and was horrified to see the bouquets and decor using oleander and here is why!

Don't use Oleander for your Wedding in Spain

Oleander grows everywhere in Spain and you will often see it providing a spectacular display along many of the Spanish motorways.

It is mainly pink and white but there are some other colours, a soft peach (tends to be a smaller shrub) and a deeper magenta. All of them are stunning but they are one of Spain's most poisonous plants.

Years ago I read the book White Oleander, from memory I recall it was a woman intent on poisoning her husband and killing him with oleander sap!

Whilst Oleander maybe pretty it is an extremely toxic plant and to definitely be avoided for weddings.

You can read more here.

Using Bougainvillea for a wedding in Spain

Bougainvillea is a popular choice, one of my daughters used it for her beach wedding in Spain.

So here are some tips if you wish to incorporate Bougainvillea into your wedding scheme.

Firstly once cut it wilts and dies with an hour without water and even in water it may just last a day. I sometimes cut some for a vase but by the next day it has had it and I replace it with a fresh cutting.

Therefore to use Bougainvillea in a bouquet isn't advisable, it will wilt but you can incorporate a small amount into arrangements with water and pray it won't wilt.

If you are keen to have bougainvillea for your wedding we did manage to incorporate some at a wedding in the Castillo de Santa Catalina recently.

Anais floristas used a combination of deep pink, pale pink and ivory roses plus a touch of Bougainvillea for this wedding.

There is a hardier version which is a softer pink, not the bright fuchsia pinks we see tumbling up Mediterranean white washed walls, we used this for my daughters wedding and it was more robust.

My daughter got married on one of our local beaches we have been going to as a family for years but here you can see the tables being set up and decorated with bougainvillea along with a lot of candles.

I made the placecards with a bougainvillea theme and tied bright pink tassels to each one. It was a Mamma Mia style wedding with a lot of fairy lights for later!

This more robust version of bougainvillea was from one of my florists gardens! Be warned though Bougainvillea has sharp thorns too that need to be cut off.

Can I use Hibiscus for a Mediterranean Wedding?

Again a no, this is the same as Bougainvillea and will wilt and close as soon as it is cut and out of water. Hibiscus also close at night or in the dark.

What Mediterranean Flowers can I use for my Wedding?

There aren't many Mediterranean flowers you can use practically but to bring a Mediterranean vibe to your wedding you can bring in elements such as olive branches and eucalyptus.

Depending on your style, rustic, authentic terracotta pots with geraniums are pretty and cost effective.

Combine this with oranges and lemons as table decorations and be creative with your on the day stationery will bring the Mediterranean vibe to your wedding day.

Silk Spanish Artificial Flowers

Many people turn their noses up at using artificial flowers at weddings but they can create extraordinary displays if done well and incorporated with fresh flowers. Here are some artificial Bougainvillea ideas from Pedro Navarro who has incorporated artificial florals with real flowers to create some extraordinary displays.

I have rounded up some best buys on Amazon if you would love to get creative using artificial florals to compliment your wedding, party or just decorate your home with a Mediterranean style.

Artificial Pink Bougainvillea perfect for adding into your tablescapes.

Bougainvillea tree create some statement areas, welcome area, grouped around your venue or bringing that Mediterranean feel into your home for the summer.

Hanging Bougainvillea stem perfect to add to higher centrepieces or display in a vase.

You can also use artificial bougainvillea for buttonholes or ask your florist to add them into your bouquets.

For some more Mediterranean love why not include olives into your wedding and we have found some fabulous ideas for you.

A very realistic olive tree will definitely add the summer vibes to your wedding or party. Use it afterwards to create a feature in your home everyone will admire.

Olive branches can be used for a whole host of decoration ideas, add to your bouquet, buttonholes and of course in centrepiece displays.

We love these mini potted olive trees, perfect for creating a delightful tablescape and of course use afterwards in your home or gift them to members of your wedding party.

If you would love more Mediterranean inspired ideas you can read my Amalfi lemon blog post here.

Planning your wedding in Spain? You can get instant access to my Guide all about weddings in Spain here.


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